About Me

I’m Marcel, a passionate craftsman from Namibia

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Marcel, and I am a passionate craftsman. I was born and raised on a farm south of Windhoek in Namibia, where I always found myself engaged in various forms of craftsmanship. My early encounters with woodwork were limited, but they sparked a deep love and passion within me, leading me to choose a career path as a carpenter.

After graduating, I took a leap of faith and moved to Germany in 2018 to start my apprenticeship. My dedication and love for the craft made me the national champion, and I successfully completed my training in Schleswig-Holstein. Today, I work near Munich at a renowned carpentry firm specialising in high-quality interior design.

Marcel Bader

Every spare moment I have, I spend it on nurturing my dream of establishing my own furniture brand. For me, craftsmanship isn’t just a profession—it’s an all-consuming passion. Just like sports or arts, I believe that theory alone cannot create masterpieces. It’s the years of relentless practice and learning from failures that truly shape a master.

l Iove to challenge my creativity and craftsmanship constantly. Design always takes precedence in my work. I start with a unique design in mind, then spend countless hours bringing that design to life in the form of unique furniture pieces. Each project is a testament to my commitment to this craft and the joy I derive from it.

The Meaning of Design

Expression through Design

Design, for me, is a powerful conduit of personal expression. It’s an opportunity for individuals to manifest their unique personalities and perspective in tangible form. As a designer, I embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly. Each project I undertake receives my meticulous attention, down to the finest detail.

Every component, no matter how minute, is a piece of the puzzle that contributes to the creation of an extraordinary and distinctive masterpiece. Utilizing my honed craftsmanship, I am able to shape and mold each element in alignment with my vision.

My ultimate aim is not just to design, but to inspire. Crafting modern and timeless designs, I strive to provide you with an avenue to express your personality exactly as you desire. Each piece I create is a testament to this philosophy. It’s not just about creating furniture; it’s about giving form to stories, ideas, and identities.

The Concept Behind Mader

Straightforward yet profound

The integrity and identity of the Mader brand are upheld through exclusivity. Every item of furniture is produced in limited quantities, with each either being a unique, one-of-a-kind piece or limited to a maximum of a thousand units. This approach ensures that owning a Mader piece holds intrinsic value. But more importantly, it safeguards the key value of craftsmanship, avoiding the pitfalls of mass production. It also constantly challenges me to push the boundaries, innovate, and conceive new designs and concepts continually.

At Mader, the vision is straightforward yet profound: to create timeless, prestigious, and high-quality furniture that carries unmatched sentimental value. This vision is brought to life by the pure passion and craftsmanship that flows into every project I undertake. Craftsmanship remains the heartbeat of the Mader brand. It allows sufficient room for artistic expression and handcrafted experimentation, with an array of high-quality materials employed to create unique combinations in every design.

The Bog Oak and Bronze Table

Inspired by the timeless allure of thousand-year-old bog oak, I embarked on a journey to create a unique piece that truly honors the raw, exclusive nature of this material. Embracing the imperfections, I poured molten bronze into its cracks, transforming these so-called flaws into beautiful highlights.

This table stands as a testament to the power of combining contrasting materials and celebrating their natural characteristics, embodying Mader’s philosophy of unique combinations in every design.

The result? One of the most exclusive table tops I have ever crafted. Supported by solid black steel legs – each weighing approximately 60kg – the table not only stands sturdy but also exudes an aura of formidable elegance. To prevent corrosion and maintain the rawness of the black steel frame, it’s been carefully oiled.

3,25 x 1,25 x 0,75 m